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OPSCORE XR and SF ballistic test - Highcut ECH for twice the price?


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Ops Core | Leading the Way Into the Future


Ops-Core has a proud history of protecting those who serve with total headborne solutions that have been engineered and tested to provide protection for elite defense, law enforcement and security forces around the world. Our mission-configurable portfolio of ballistic helmet systems, situational awareness products, high-performance optics and respiratory protection solutions offer complete system integration when you need it most. We are continually innovating to provide end users with best-in-class protection and performance, like the new RAILINK® Powered and Data-Enabled ARC Rails for FAST® Helmet Systems. RAILINK allows electronic systems to mount, power and communicate with each other, giving you the connected edge. Ops-Core is leading the way into the future because we're here to serve you. Learn more about Ops-Core: 🤍 See more videos: 🤍

Gear Up | Ops-Core FAST® RF1 Helmet with STEP-IN® Visor, AMP®, and SOTR


Ops-Core tactical gear is made to keep up with any mission that's why configuring it for your mission is quick and easy. See how to wear the Ops-Core FAST® RF1 Helmet, the most advanced headborne protection on the market, with the STEP-IN® Visor, AMP® Communication Headset, and Special Operations Tactical Respirator (SOTR) in under one minute. The integration steps are straightforward for optimal ease of use and adjustability. Worn together, the Ops-Core FAST RF1 Helmet with Ops-Core helmet accessories deliver hearing, respiratory, eye, face, and head protection against the world's most extreme environments. Learn more about Ops-Core: 🤍 Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn more about the STEP-IN Visor: 🤍 Learn more about FAST RF1: 🤍 Learn more about SOTR: 🤍 Learn more about Ops-Core gear: 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | FAST® Carbon Composite Mandible


The world’s elite forces need advanced protective tactical gear that can withstand any mission. Ops-Core’s FAST® Carbon Composite Mandible is a tactical helmet mandible designed for increased blunt impact and elemental protection, along with facial protection from debris. The Carbon Composite helmet mandible features a lightweight design and pivoting vent plate to increase user comfort, enabling clear communication and uninterrupted field of view. The FAST Carbon Composite Mandible seamlessly integrates with any Ops-Core FAST helmet and other helmet accessories for a protective headborne system that fits your unique mission. Learn More About the Ops-Core FAST® Carbon Composite Mandible: 🤍 Learn More about Ops-Core: ops-core.com/ Learn How to Use the FAST® Carbon Composite Mandible with the FAST® Helmet: 🤍 See our FAST® Ballistic Mandible in Action: 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | Special Operations Forces Stay Focused with AMP®


Missions take SOF units to intense combat settings where they are faced with unpredictable environments, sudden noises like gunfire, steady noise like vehicle platforms, and extreme weather conditions the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset is designed to protect against these threats. AMP delivers advanced hearing protection without sacrificing clear communications and situational awareness, both of which are vital to a successful mission. With advanced 3D Hear-Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs, AMP provides double hearing protection while enhancing natural hearing and sound localization, allowing SOF units to stay focused. The streamlined profile and Connectorized and Fixed Downlead versions allow for mission configurability, easy storage, and optimal user comfort. Wear AMP with other Ops-Core tactical equipment and helmet accessories for a complete protective lightweight headborne system. Learn more about Ops-Core: ops-core.com/ Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn the basics of using AMP: 🤍

Ops-Core AMP Headset Review | Best in Class 🔥


John just got ready for his Intro to Long Range Patrol class and couldn’t fail to notice the improvements Ops-Core has made to their AMP Comms system. The gel cup seal, the magnetic induction in-ears, and the interchangeable nature from headset to helmet make it John’s favorite comms system to date. This is NOT a paid advertisement. WARRIOR POET LINKS - Warrior Poet WEBSITE - 🤍 - Warrior Poet NETWORK - 🤍 - Amazon Store - 🤍 - Reading List - 🤍 - WAR POET Pistol - 🤍 - TRIPS with the Society - 🤍 SUPPORT the Channel - PATREON | 🤍 PARTNERS: - Sportsman's Guide | 🤍 - Sentara Investors | 🤍 - USCCA Legal Defense | 🤍 - Tier1 Holsters | 🤍 - Fiocchi Ammo | 🤍 FOLLOW US: - Instagram | 🤍 John’s Instagram | 🤍 Evan’s Instagram | 🤍 - Facebook | 🤍 - Blog | 🤍 Video Recorded with: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera - 🤍 Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L - 🤍 Ronin-S Gimbal - 🤍 GoPro Hero 7 - 🤍 Canon 70d - 🤍 Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder - 🤍 Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic - 🤍 Shure SM7B Microphones - 🤍 CloudLifter Mic Activator - 🤍 Lighting - 🤍 (DISCLAIMER: This post may contain paid advertisements or affiliate links. What is an affiliate link? It means that if you click on one of the product links, Warrior Poet Society will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows awesome future content. Thank you for the support!) Warrior Poet Society,John Lovell,Warrior Poet,War Poet,WPS,Warrior Poet Society Network,WPSN,WPS Network,Army Ranger,Navy SEAL,Ranger Instructs,Ranger Teaches,How To, cz p10c,gun safety,bug out bag,get home bag,plate carrier setup,warrior poet society sling,holosun red dot,war belt setup,holosun 507c,palmetto state armory,plate carrier,best ar 15,warrior poet society holster,

Ops-Core AMP | World Class Hearing Protection


The Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset is built to provide world-class hearing protection and situational awareness on the range and in the field. AMP’s user-driven design provides the highest levels of protection while maintaining clear communication and is mission configurable for any environment. Get the same level of protection that elite forces around the world - because you only have one set of ears. Learn more about the Ops-Core AMP: 🤍 Learn how to use the Ops-Core AMP: 🤍 Learn more about Ops-Core products: 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | Use AMP® in the Toughest Combat Environments


When missions take you to some of the globe’s most intense combat environments, gear up with the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset for advanced hearing protection. Made with innovative 3D Hear-Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs, AMP is a helmet communication system that delivers double hearing protection while enhancing natural hearing and increasing situational awareness. The AMP Communication Headset features a user-based design with both helmet and headband mounting configurations and Connectorized and Fixed Downlead options for ultimate mission compatibility. Wear AMP seamlessly with other Ops-Core mission-critical gear and helmet accessories for a complete protective lightweight headborne system that protects in the harshest conditions. Discover the AMP product line: 🤍 Learn more about Ops-Core: 🤍 Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn more about Ops-Core gear: 🤍

World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023


Just some tanking Discord: 🤍 My Other Channel: 🤍 PC SPECS CPU: Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6-Core Processor, 3593 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super Memory: 32.0 GB #fs22gameplay #fs22

Ops-Core In Action | FAST® Ballistic Mandible


Ground, maritime, and mobility operations require different protection capabilities. Luckily, the Ops-Core FAST® Ballistic Mandible is made for ballistic and blunt impact protection during any mission. This ballistic helmet mandible easily integrates with any Ops-Core FAST helmet, without occupying valuable rail space for other tactical equipment. The FAST Ballistic helmet mandible features flexible armor that allows for obtaining a solid cheek weld and a lightweight design that delivers an uninterrupted field of view. With a one-size-fits all design and user-configurability, the FAST Ballistic Mandible is the obvious choice for blunt protection and a complete protective headborne system, no matter where your mission takes you. Learn More About the Ops-Core FAST® Ballistic Mandible: 🤍 Learn More about Ops-Core: ops-core.com/ Learn How to Use the FAST® Ballistic Mandible with the FAST® Helmet: 🤍 See our FAST® Carbon Composite Mandible in Action: 🤍

Ops-Core SF Helmet - The best balance of weight and protection


In this video, we take a look at the Ops Core SF ballistic helmet and I show you some of the ins and outs when purchasing and setting up your helmet. In the world of helmets, it can be a minefield is what is good, what this overpriced, and what just doesn't work at all. But, do you even know what you're looking for so you get the best bang for your buck? We did into the 3 P's of helmet quality along with a few other factors that should come into consideration. By looking at all of the features of the SF, I think you'll see why I found it to be the best value per pound and per dollar. 00:00 Ops Core SF Helmet 00:40 Previous Ops Core videos in the series 01:21 Three P's of helmet shopping 01:48 One more P to consider 02:55 Order the correct size 03:27 How to size yourself 04:08 Ops Core Carbon and Bump helmets 05:20 Ops Core SF helmet 05:59 XR and RF1 Helmets 07:06 Coming soon - Rail link 08:24 Unboxing the SF helmet 10:35 Helmet fitting 12:00 Setting helmet retention 12:54 Looking at the SF in detail 14:35 Ops Core ARC rail 16:42 Helmet Accessories 17:36 Pros and Cons | Get the gear in this review | Ops Core SF helmet 🤍 Agilite SF Helmet Cover 🤍 Defense Mechanisms Helmet Cover 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco Streamlight Stalk 🤍 S&S Manta Strobe 🤍 4D Helmet pads 🤍 Ops Core AMPs - NFMI enabled & Connectorized 🤍 Discount code: TLDco Ops Core NFMI Ear plugs 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco Ops Core AMP Camo Skins 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco Ops Core AMP Rail arms 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco Ops Core SOTR 🤍 Ops Core MK1 Eyewear 🤍 Ops Core Step-in Visor 🤍 | Training | Mantis X10 Elite 🤍 | Discounts | Defense Mechanisms 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco Javlin Concepts Gear (A-Jac, B-Jac, Jac Pack) 🤍 *new* Discount code: TLDco Tracer Tactical 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco Wilder Tactical Battle Belts 🤍 Discount Code: TLDco | TLD Merch | Help represent TLD! 🤍 #thinlinedefenseco (DISCLAIMER: All filming was completed at a closed range and accomplished safely, following all local state and federal guidelines, and using only legal semi auto items. This post may contain paid advertisements or affiliate links. An affiliate link means that if you follow one of the gear links, Thin Line Defense Co receives a small portion of that purchase but incurs no extra cost to you. This helps us make the channel grow and get more great gear to review just for you! Thanks for the amazing support.) Music by: 🤍Barren Gates ​

Ops-Core | FAST® SF Helmet Sizing and Adjustment Guide


This video provides information on proper helmet selection, helmet sizing, and helmet setup and adjustment for all of Ops-Core advanced headborne systems. This visual guide will help users purchase and wear the Ops-Core FAST® SF Helmet with confidence while achieving optimal comfort, performance, and protection. These modular and scalabale helmets come in both ballistic and non-ballistic form, and allow for seamless integration with Ops-Core accessories and system components, such as the Ops-Core AMP™ Communication Headset, to create the optimal mission configurable headborne system. Learn More About Ops-Core FAST® SF Helmet Sizing: 🤍 Learn More About Ops-Core: 🤍

Pros and Cons of Team Wendy and Ops-Core Helmets


Tim and Jesse from Defense Mechanisms talk about the pros and cons of Team Wendy and Ops-Core tactical helmets. Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 FaceBook: 🤍

Ops-Core | Special Operations Tactical Respirator Product Overview


The Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator, or SOTR, is a half mask particulate respirator designed to provide the highest level of protection against a wide range of harmful contaminants while still allowing for normal use of weapons systems and other mission-critical equipment. The front-mounted filter allows for quick, one-handed filter changes and enhanced the field of vision. Easily adjustable suspension straps, head harness, velcro straps, and optional O2 strap allows the user to configure their respiratory protection to their exact mission or environment. The SOTR integrates seamlessly with NVGs and other tactical gear, such as the Ops-Core FAST SF Ballistic Helmet, AMP Communication Headset, and Mk1 Performance Protective Eyewear, to create a customizable protective head borne system. Learn More About the Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator: 🤍 Learn More About Ops-Core: 🤍 Explore Our SOTR Playlist: 🤍 Explore Our Expert Training Playlist: 🤍

Shot Show 2019 - OPS-Core Helmets and Headsets


Here at Shot Show 2019 Larry checked out the OPS-Core booth to hear about their new AMP Communication Headset and Fast SF Helmet. Click here to check out all our great videos from Shot Show 2019: 🤍 Click here to subscribe to Youtube: 🤍 Subscribe to Full30.com here: 🤍 Click here to keep up with me: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Book: 🤍

Ops Core Shot Show 2022


Jay O'Connell of Ops-Core gives us the rundown on their line up of ballistic helmets. Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 License code: MHEEWEPKJWCKKKCK

Ops Core FAST Ballistic Mandible Review


This is a short review, tutorial and showcase of the Ops Core FAST Ballistic Mandible. This is a great addition to your helmet setup if you want some ballistic protection. This does have a Kevlar face covering that is flexible to have a relatively goo cheek weld on the rifle. This will only fit on helmet systems that employ the new Ops Core Fast Arc rails which is explained in the video. Like, comment and subscribe please to help grow the channel. I did pay for this mandible on my own and here is where I purchased it. Ops Core FAST Ballistic Mandible: 🤍

Отстрел шлема OPS-Core СВМПЭ


🤍 - ссылка на объявление 🤍 - ссылка на объявление шлема форм-фактора "Mich 2000" произведенного из материала СВМПЭ на том же заводе.

Ops-Core | Mk1™ Performance Protective Eyewear Product Overview


The Ops-Core Mk1™ Performance Protective Eyewear was designed to be the ultimate protective eyewear for elite forces. Mk1's ruggedized aluminum frames perform in the harshest environments and can be fitted for stable and secure wear during dynamic activities. Quickly and easily change between clear, tinted, high contrast, and laser dazzle lenses with the Mk1's unique lens insert system to create the optimal performance eyewear for a specific mission and environment. Like other Ops-Core tactical gear, the Mk1s seamlessly integrate with helmets, such as the Ops-Core FAST SF Ballistic Helmet, and capability upgrades, such as the AMP Communication Headset and SOTR, to create customized head borne systems for the world's elite forces. Learn More About the Ops-Core Mk1 Performance Protective Eyewear: 🤍 Learn More About Ops-Core: 🤍 Learn How to Replace Your Mk1 Lenses: 🤍 Explore Our Mk1 Playlist: 🤍

Gear Up | Ops-Core FAST® SF Helmet with AMP® and STEP-IN® Visor


In this video, see how to gear up in the Ops-Core FAST® SF Helmet, AMP® Communication Headset, and STEP-IN® Visor all integrated seamlessly in less than 30 seconds. AMP and the STEP-IN Visor attach quickly and easily to the FAST SF Helmet to meet your mission's requirements and provide integrated head, eye, and hearing protection. Ops-Core tactical equipment is made for a range of configurations for customizable lightweight headborne systems that offer ultimate protection without compromising user comfort or requiring complicated setup. Learn more about Ops-Core: 🤍 Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn more about STEP-IN Visor: 🤍 Learn more about FAST SF: 🤍 Learn how to use Ops-Core gear: 🤍

Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset | Converting Between Mounting Options


Removing Earcups from Headset 0:45 Rail Arm Installation 1:52 Cable Management 3:57 Stowage 4:30 Rail Arms to Headset 5:05 Learn how to convert between the headband and helmet mounting options for the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset, which is proudly worn by USSOCOM. Easily switch between the headband and helmet configurations by using our helmet rail mount kit, along with a series of snaps and VELCRO on the helmet that keep the earcups and ear-to-ear cable securely in place. In either mounting option, AMP utilizes 3D Hear-Through technology that enhances natural hearing for increased situational awareness. AMP's mission-configurable design integrates with Ops-Core helmets and tactical equipment for a complete headborne system. Learn More About the Ops-Core AMP® Headset: 🤍 Learn More about Ops-Core: 🤍 Watch Our AMP® Product Overview Video: 🤍 Explore Our AMP® Playlist: 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | AMP®: Increased Situational Awareness When It Matters Most


Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) teams choose the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset for advanced hearing protection that doesn’t sacrifice their situational awareness in critical situations. AMP features unique 3D Hear-Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs to deliver double hearing protection while enhancing natural sound localization, increasing situational awareness, and maintaining clear communications. The noise-cancelling microphone mitigates all background noise, making it ideal for unpredictable missions. With an ergonomic, streamlined design, AMP is optimized for maximum user comfort, easy storage, and mission-configurability. AMP can be worn as a headband or with a helmet and comes in Connectorized and Fixed Downlead versions for user customization. VBSS teams wear AMP with other Ops-Core helmets, helmet accessories, and marines gear for a complete protective lightweight headborne system. Learn more about Ops-Core: ops-core.com/ Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn how to convert AMP between mounting options: 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | STEP-IN® Visor: Low-Profile Vision Protection


Missions take the globe’s special forces to extreme environments, where reliable protection is crucial. The Ops-Core STEP-IN® Visor, which is compatible with night vision goggles and various, easy-to-install lenses, is the obvious choice for protective eyewear. Field-tested for performance in intense situations, such as jump scenarios in 120 mph winds, the STEP-IN Visor provides eye protection that fits the toughest mission requirements. The low-profile helmet visor design and removable rubber gaskets that keep debris out of eyes deliver optimal user comfort and unobstructed vision. The STEP-IN Visor seamlessly integrates with other Ops-Core helmet accessories and systems for complete protection when it’s needed most. Learn More About the Ops-Core STEP-IN Visor: 🤍 Learn More About Ops-Core: ops-core.com Check out the STEP-IN Visor product overview: 🤍 Learn how to use and install your STEP-IN Visor: 🤍

Ops-Core FAST® SF Carbon Composite Helmet


The Ops-Core FAST® SF Carbon Composite Helmet is a durable helmet designed for low threat environments. Featuring a rugged construction that offers enhanced impact protection from blunt trauma, this high cut, non-ballistic helmet is ideal for rugged training, recce, airborne and water operations, and fast roping. As with all FAST® modular helmet systems, users can seamlessly integrate Ops-Core FAST® Accessories and tactical equipment, such as the Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset, with the FAST® SF Carbon Composite Helmet to create a customized headborne system perfect for any mission and environment. Learn More About Ops-Core: 🤍 Watch Our FAST® Helmet Upgrade Kit Product Overview Video: 🤍 Watch Our FAST® SF Ballistic Helmet Product Overview: 🤍

Ops Core - MSM - ShotShow 2023


Ops Core presents their latest FAST bump helmet with Power Path Rail, Rail Link power system, and a photochromic STEP-IN visor. Sorry about the rough audio :( had wires crossed. If you appreciate the video and want to support MSM, check out our store at 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | Keeping Elite Defense Teams Safe


Critical response situations require the most dependable protection. Ops-Core's modular, open-architecture helmet systems and protective equipment meet the uniquely challenging demands of the globe's elite defense units and SWAT teams. Our protective law enforcement gear integrates with Ops-Core helmets to create a complete lightweight headborne system, fully customizable for each specific mission. Ops-Core's ballistic helmets, helmet visors, active shooter helmet kits, multi-hit handgun face shields, and respiratory and hearing protection products protect special units against blunt force trauma, handgun threats, and other environmental harm, all while maintaining optimal stability and comfort. Ops-Core equipment gives law enforcement teams the security that they give us. Learn More About Ops-Core: 🤍 Explore Our Expert Training Videos: 🤍

Ops-Core SF - A Direct Upgrade | SF Ballistic Helmet Setup


In this video I go over the differences between the Ops-Core ST and Ops-Core SF, showing the clear advancement of ballistic helmet technology. Plus we go over my new Ops-Core SF helmet setup, just a better and direct upgrade compared to my previous model. From the HEL-STAR helmet strobe to the umbrella light, to the Avon C50 Gas Mask and Elbit PVS-14, this helmet suite is just an incredible piece of kit. Also get an Adrian Helmet. Ambient Music Credit goes to Cryo Chamber: 🤍 ♠ Amazing Ace HQ: 🤍 ♠ The Spadille's Lair: 🤍

Ops core power


Basic Helmet Setup (Ops-Core Maritime Helmet)


Bump Helmet 🤍 Airsoft type counter weight for non serious use 🤍 Peltor Comtacs 🤍 Peltor helmet mount 🤍 Princeton Tech Helmet Light 🤍 OUR SHIRTS! BUY THEM! plz 🤍 Freedom Munitions and LAX Ammo discount code: GarandThumb Support Garand Thumb! 🤍 Vertx 25% off DISCOUNT Code: GarandThumb 🤍 Camera Equipment Panasonic Gh3 🤍 50mm lens 🤍 Zoom h1 Mic 🤍 lapel mic 🤍 Like and Subscribe for more awesome Garand: 🤍 Instahoe: 🤍 GarandThumb on Facebook: 🤍

OPS-CORE ShotShow2020 - AMP Headset, Modular Bungee Shroud


OPS-CORE presents their AMP Headset and Modular Bungee Shroud 🤍 If you appreciate the video and want to support MSM, check out our store at 🤍

Why did the FBI ditch Polyethylene Helmets? - Team Wendy Vs Busch Protective helmet ballistic test


Vindication Busch Protective Helmet sold here: 🤍 🤍 Edited By: 🤍 🤍 Music: 1: OKRA-LIKE THAT 2: CRIMINAL SIDESMACK-CAUGHT YA SLIPPIN /w GUSTAVO 3: DJ Acura-ILLUMINATE MIXX 4: DJ Acura-CHIEFIN INDO 5: DJ Acura-GANGSTA WALK 2

Gear Up | Special Forces' Preferred Respiratory Protection


The Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator, or SOTR, is the ideal option for respiratory protection. Listen in as a retired Army Ranger describes the respiratory dangers for SOF teams to Ops-Core's Defense Respiratory Product Manager. Designed specifically for elite defense forces, the SOTR’s flexible and lightweight design has two exhalation valves, easily-adjustable straps to wear with or without a helmet, and a lightweight silicone face piece. With 99.7% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates, our respirator mask allows elite forces to breathe comfortably and safely in hazardous environments and protects against contaminants commonly found in both indoor and outdoor settings, whether in training exercises or on the job in harsh environments. SOTR can be worn with other Ops-Core gear and ballistic helmet accessories for a complete protective headborne system that performs during any mission. Learn more about Ops-Core: ops-core.com Learn more about SOTR: 🤍 Learn more about Ops-Core products: 🤍

Ops core carbon bump helmet/ Team Wendy camfit BOA harness/ 4D pads. Rnvg norotos aka2


Just to be clear, I was never rude, profane or anything but professional when dealing with gentex customer service.

Beginner to Advanced Helmet Setups. Becoming deadly with your gear PT 1


From beginner to advanced, we explain helmet setups in this video. Helmets are an extremely important aspect of any conflict. We've seen many insane helmet setups recently so we thought we'd make a nice video on some things we've learned over the years. Becoming deadly with your gear takes time and training. Helmet setups are no exception to this. The longer you wear your helmet the more you're going to understand what needs to change to insure you don't get the dreaded peltor headache. 00:00 Beginner to Advanced Helmet Setups. Becoming deadly with your gear PT 1 00:24 Helmets have come a long way 01:53 Which type of Helmet should you get? 02:33 Maritime / Ops-Core SF 03:04 Ops-Core XR Rifle Rated Helmet 04:01 Bump Helmets / Ops-Core Carbon 05:07 Why a High Cut Helmet? 07:20 Helmet Camouflage 09:10 Comms for your Helmet / Hearing Protection / Peltor Comtac VI / Ops-Core Amps 14:05 Night Vision Helmet Setup / NVG 17:07 Battery Packs / Counterweights for night vision 19:31 Light Setup / IR Helmet Light Setup 21:30 Helmet Strobes 23:00 Ops-Core Face Armor / Mandibles / Mandalorian Armor 23:34 Step In Visor / Integrated Visor 24:40 Fitting Your Helmet / Suspension Systems Patreon Signup - 🤍 SDI School: 🤍 Xidax Computers: 🤍 Onward Research (Holsters Out Now!) - 🤍 Insta: 🤍 GarandThumb on Facebook: 🤍

Легкий СВМПЭ Шлем формата OPS-CORE Вес 1200г NIJ IIIA класс защиты чёрный


Очень легкий СВМПЭ шлем NIJ IIIA класс защиты формат OPS-CORE. ● Вес шлема 1200г!! в Л размере со всем что на нем навешано ● Цена 26000 руб‼ ● Значение V50 у шлема NIJ Level IIIA Осколок 1.1 FSP (V50) 650-697 m/s Glock 9x19 FMJ RN 427 m/s ● Удобнейшая формата Team Wendy подвесная система с регулировкой и двухсоставные подушки с эффектом памяти. ● По заказам писать ТОЛЬКО ⏩ 🤍 ✅ Ссылка на группу в ВК 🤍 ● Предназначен для войск специального назначения. С уровнем баллистической защиты IIIА. Такой уровень соответствует запросам Американского национального института юстиции – American National Institute of Justice (NIJ). ● Боковые скользящие планки на этом шлеме – прочная платформа для крепления различных аксессуаров. На шлеме можно установить приборы ночного видения, очки, радиосистему, наушники и прочее. Этот вид шлемов поставляется в военные и правительственные организации по всему миру. Они испытаны в течение многих лет, надежные и выполняли свои функции в даже самых суровых условиях окружающей среды. ● На шлеме можно установить приборы ночного видения, очки, радиосистему, наушники и прочее. ● Класс защиты: NIJ Level IIIA. Противоосколочная защита прошла тестирование с результатом V50 по критериям специального баллистического теста STANAG 2920. STANAG 2920 – соглашение по стандартизации НАТО. STANAG (с англ. Standardization Agreement), порядковый номер 2920 или «Баллистический метод испытаний бронированных материалов персональной защиты и боевой одежды». STANAG 2920 используют для измерения возможностей материалов останавливать осколки дробления снарядов. Тест или результат V50 – международный признанный стандарт оценки защиты от осколков снарядов. Испытания проводятся с использованием имитаторов осколков естественного дробления снарядов. V50 – это средняя скорость шести выстрелов (3 из них самая низкая скорость, и 3 самая высокая скорость, когда осколки пробивают броню). Значение V50 у шлема NIJ IIIA – 650-697 м/с по принятым критериям.



Наш телеграмм канал - 🤍 Наш второй канал - 🤍 В этом видео мы поговорим про одни из лучших шлемов от компании OPS CORE Данными шлемами пользуются самые элитные подразделения мира! В большей части ими пользуются Морские котики и Зеленые береты Отправляйте видео своим друзьям ! Приятного просмотра! шлем спецназа,шлем спецназа сша,шлем спецназа росии,шлем спецназа фсб,спецназ,спецназ фсб,шлем на войну,альфа,спецназ альфа,ссо,спецназ сша,спецназ россии,шлем на сво,сво,армия россии,армия сша,ак12,милитари,разведос,715,солдат удачи,современный шлем,военный шлем,опс кор,OPS CORE,NAVY,SEAL,NAVY SEAL,ARMY

Gear Up | Ops-Core FAST® SF Helmet with AMP® and STEP-IN® Visor for SWAT


SWAT teams need gear that can keep up with fast-paced missions that's why they choose Ops-Core helmets and helmet accessories. Gearing up in the Ops-Core FAST® SF Helmet, AMP® Communication Headset, and STEP-IN® Visor takes less than one minute, making preparing for unpredictable situations as simple as possible. Worn together, FAST SF, AMP, and the STEP-IN Visor provide high-performance head, eye, and hearing protection in a lightweight headborne system. Learn more about Ops-Core: 🤍 Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn more about STEP-IN Visor: 🤍 Learn more about FAST SF: 🤍 Learn how to use Ops-Core gear: 🤍

Ops-Core In Action | Law Enforcement Teams Gear Up With AMP® and Mk1™


Law enforcement teams gear up with the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset and Ops-Core Mk1™ Performance Protective Eyewear for protection that combats the threats that police units face daily. The AMP Communication Headset delivers advanced hearing protection in unpredictable environments including riot situations, building entry, room clearing and breaching, and more. With 3D Hear-Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs, AMP offers double hearing protection and enhanced sound localization without sacrificing critical situational awareness. For optimal eye protection, law enforcement teams wear Mk1, designed to fulfill the demand for ruggedized protective eyewear. Mk1 can be worn with laser dazzle lenses that block out blue and green laser light wavelengths that can cause distractions, temporary blindness, eye injuries, and more. With quickly configurable lenses and durable frames, Mk1 is the ideal choice for easy-to-use, long-lasting protective eyewear. Elite defense units wear AMP and Mk1 with authentic Ops-Core helmets and other police gear for a complete protective lightweight headborne system. Learn more about Ops-Core: ops-core.com Learn more about AMP: 🤍 Learn more about Mk1: 🤍

Ops Core Ballistic Helmet Comparison


I purchased this Ops Core ballistic helmets and I am showing how I set them up. I also show the differences in dimensions between the helmets. I will include where I purchased each one of these helmets. The rest of the accessories were bought from hcctac.com. NOTE: the Ops Core XP is a HIGH CUT helmet and will need a specific kind helmet cover and the SF/XR helmets are the SUPER HIGH CUT. Please be aware of this when purchasing the proper fitting cover. Here is a link of an option for the Ops Core XP helmet cover: 🤍 Ops Core XP: 🤍 Ops Core Fast SF Helmet: 🤍 Ops Core Fast XR: 🤍 Agilite Helmet Covers: 🤍

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