New Jean Monnet Module Awarded to Lobachevsky University

“Shifts in the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Multi-Dimensional Analysis” (EUSHIFT)

Lobachevsky University (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) has received a new Jean Monnet grant from the European Commission for the project “Shifts in the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Multi-Dimensional Analysis” (EUSHIFT) coordinated by Andrey LEONOV. The proposal scored 96 points out of 100. The project will be implemented in 2020-2023. The amount of EU co-funding is € 30 000.

The project EUSHIFT sets to produce significant impact on the academic field of European Union (EU) legal and interdisciplinary studies in Russia. Within this overarching goal, the project identifies three specific tasks: (1) develop tailor-made EU law courses at the Department of European and International Law of Lobachevsky University; mainstream teaching of EU law into other educational programmes at the Faculty of Law and related disciplinary fields such as Politics, Public Policy and International Relations; (2) enhance research potential of academic staff and young (PhD) researchers in the field of EU law and policy through relevant capacity-building activities; (3) facilitate relevant cooperation of Lobachevsky University at national and international level. This Jean Monnet Module is dedicated to teaching of and research on EU justice and home affairs.

This project will rely on the rich expertise in EU studies accumulated at Lobachevsky University and consistently build upon achievements of the two Jean Monnet projects (EUGLOBE (2015-2018) and EUSECU-POLE (2016-2018)) implemented at its Department of European and International Law. By enlarging the scope of EU-focused teaching and incorporating best international practices in EU-related teaching and research, this project will strengthen the profile of Lobachevsky University in the field of EU studies and, in particular, EU Law, in Russia and internationally. The project will reach its goal by successfully integrating various types of activities, such as delivering a new in-depth specialized course and three teaching modules on the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice for BA and MA students, holding a series of research events involving MA and PhD students and early career researchers from leading Russian and foreign universities, public dissemination events and academic publications.

The project team includes Yulia Orlova (Lobachevsky University, Russia), Svetlana Tikhonova (Lobachevsky University, Russia), Oleg Korneev (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia), Paul Kalinichenko (Moscow State Law University, Russia), Helena Farrand Carrapico (Northumbria University, United Kingdom).

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